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Kids with Capes


The Southeast Region's Proceeds Stay in Our Region and

Benefit The Children's Hospital of the King’s Daughters and

their Mental Health Care for Kids Initiative

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Our community is in crisis. One out of every five children has a diagnosable mental health condition. While early intervention can make a life or death difference, fewer than 25 percent of those children receive treatment. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for children ages 10-24.


The need for additional pediatric mental health services is putting pressure on our schools, our families, and every aspect of our region's medical system. Mental health conditions are the most common reason local youths ages 10 through 17 are admitted to hospitals. And more than one-third of visits to primary care pediatricians are for mental health concerns.

The time has come, and the responsibility is ours to provide the mental health services our children need.


On the CHKD's Norfolk campus we have built hope in the form of a 14-story, $224 million mental health hospital and outpatient center for children. This extraordinary facility opened in the summer of 2022 with 60 private patient rooms and space for programs that address specific gaps in mental health care in our region.


We want to bring light to children and families living in darkness. Our fundraising goal to open our new facility is $60 million. Visionary philanthropists who recognize the need for pediatric mental health services in our community have already contributed $50 million toward that goal. We are now reaching out to the entire community to ask for help. Videos can be found at the link below to learn more about this important initiative.


Please support our campaign to light the way for better mental health for our children. Together we can change the trajectory of our children's lives and build a better future for all.


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